'It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times'

Charles Dickens' opening phrase of 'A Tale of Two Cities' has never been more apt than to apply to the week I've just had. I never realised quite how fast our emotions can change; from one extreme of shear desperation, fright and fearfulness at the beginning of a week, to the polar opposite of joy, delectation and enchantment by the end.

My wife suddenly became struck down with sepsis, after suffering from kidney infections and bilateral pneumonia. Within minutes, all her vital sats plummeted to dangerous levels and the blood poisoning took hold and was at risk of shutting down her organs. Thank God for the NHS! Within the first few hours, they had diagnosed and were treating her with the appropriate intravenous drugs. An extremely disastrous start to any week I think you'll agree.

And then the drama took a turn for the better; Emma fought off the sepsis and I was thrown up to London to take photos at a celebrity fancy dress party full of stars.

My emotions didn't even have time to register what was happening in my chaotic world. I've had tough times (when my sister died young) and I've had brilliant times (conducting in Sydney Opera House), but never before in the very tight space of a week.

So just remember that age-old saying, 'You never know what's around the corner' - I've just experienced the reality of these easily stringed together words and boy, are they true! These wonderful people certainly cheered me up and were a joy to be around.

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