Will I ever know who I am?

Looking back over time, those moments when I feel I've got it all figured out, they're usually the times when I'll soon realise I haven't! Do you ever get that? When life's all plain-sailing and everything's going well, and you know that you've finally become that person you've wanted to be........then all of a sudden the rug's pulled from right under your feet and you're left looking around you and wondering what you do next?!

Well, the older I'm getting, the more I'm realising that I'll never know who I am, as there are so many different facets to my personality and talents that I would never have realised about myself unless I'd fallen flat on my face once again or gone through multiple scenarios. I sometimes surprise myself and look back wondering how on earth I got through that situation, or how I got to this point in time.

And it's brought me to the conclusion that we are all continually growing, evolving, discovering, and that is what life should be about. I hope I never figure myself out or know who I really am or what I'm capable of, as surely that'll be the day when I've failed to keep alive.

Keep moving I say

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