Beauty Personified

What better person can you have to pose for your portraits than your loved one? I've made these images for myself, to hang them in my own house, on my own walls, in big print, and be surrounded by art from the heart. There's no better way to enjoy an image than in person, as a work of art hanging in your house.

I've got loads of photos of Emma, my wife on hard drives and archived websites, but it's not the same as to walk into a room and be greeted by her, even if she's not at home. We've become so technically-minded that we forget that to capture an image is to feel it, see it regularly, treasure it and show it off; not hide it out of sight inside a computer screen. Whilst I get to appreciate my wife's beauty in person and in represented artform at home when she's not there, you can share her beauty (and that of my cat) here.