Beginning to live the dream

So these last few weeks I've been on rather a high! I was approached by a very large photography website to 'audition' (still the musical terms ring through) to be one of their assigned photographers and to do photoshoots for a huge travel website, photographing hotels. Out of 9 million photographers on the agencies' website I was one of the chosen few!

Now I'm in the process of travelling around the UK taking images of all kinds of hotels, from 2* to 5* rated, from London to Aberystwyth and anywhere else I sign up for. It's a hugely exciting job as it's also feeding my travelling bug, whilst doing the very job that I choose over any other kind of job I could possibly want to do. It comes at a price - loads of travelling, demanding remits and submission times, and if I don't fulfil the remit to the letter I don't get paid; however, when you love your job, is it a job?

May I encourage you all to follow your dreams. My first dream was to perform in Sydney Opera House; now that's been ticked it's now onto my 2nd one - to become the next Annie Leibovitz! Hmmm, may have left it a bit late in life, but I'm going to give it a damn good go. What's life if you don't go for your dreams?



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