Does size matter?

Throughout my creative career, I've always used the best possible gear I can afford, in order to make the creative process easier or possible. When the Sony mirrorless cameras first came out I jumped onboard as I was fed up of the weight of Nikon dslrs and lenses. Yes the dslrs were brilliant, but the heaviness forced me to leave my camera behind too often, so I decided to go smaller. The A7 was the 1st one out so I bought it straightaway (plus I could see how the dslrs are probably going to become dinosaurs pretty soon). However, my life with Sony wasn't a good one; yes it gave me the clarity and colour and build to make the creations I desired, but 2 bodies failed on me and Sony were very slow to respond. That's not good for a professional; thus whilst on a quiet patch I decided to leave them behind and embrace another mirrorless system. I've now got a Fujifilm X-T1 and whilst it's an APS-C, it's so, so much better than the full frame that I came from, as I discovered it's again not about size, but performance. Fujifilm - you've certainly won me over and I look forward to a great journey together. Please don't let me down as I'm blown away so far.

Here's one of my 1st examples from Fuji:


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